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Assalamoe alaikoem wa rahmatoe Allah wa barakatoeh,




  • Provide every Muslim in Western society with the freedom of choice to meet a marriage partner according to Islamic principles.



  • Nia2Match is for all Muslims, regardless their ethnic background, who decided to get married.
  • Increase the opportunity for the candidates on a lasting and happy marriage by developing a Nia2Match wedding platform with only sincere candidates who look for a marriage partner. In an anonymous and secure online environment supported by innovative ICT solutions and where serious candidates get plenty of opportunity to decide for themselves who the suitable suitor is through selection on criteria they find important.


Islam is our faith and inspiration

  • Nia2Match arose from cooperation of a group of Muslims with a variety of academic and ethnic backgrounds. We grew up in the Netherlands and share the passion to contribute positively to society. 
  • Reason for the cooperation in order to set up Nia2Match was the Id-El Fitr sermon in which the mosque visitors was asked what they have done for the community. It was a moment of reflection and inspiration where we have decided to give here for ourselves concrete substance to.


Nia2Match is our concrete contribution

  • Nia2Match is an online Islamic social media wedding platform, developed on the basis of the Quran and Sunnah principles regarding marriage which means that:

1. the marriage is the only goal between the candidates;

2. outline the profile of the candidates are based on the Universal Islamic marriage conditions and based on the hadith that there may be married for four reasons: property, descent, beauty and Piety;

3. the communication by innovative ICT solutions ensures the anonymity/security of the candidatese;

4. the involvement of a Mahram is supported.

  • Nia2Match makes it difficult for non-serious candidates to join and take part thanks to the implemented Islamic wedding guidelines which makes Nia2Match unique.


The marriage happiness is our objective

  • With Allahs (swt) blessing, we want to help as many Muslims as possible via Nia2Match insha'Allah in their marriage happiness.

Wa salaamou alaikoum wa rahmatou Allah wa barakatouh