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1 - Privacy and personal data on NIA2MATCH

  • NIA2MATCH is registered with the Dutch data protection authority. The way in which NIA2MATCH with your data is recorded with the Dutch data protection authority, under number M1481581. Below is a broad explanation of the use of your data and the way in which NIA2MATCH guarantees your privacy.



2 – Ensuring privacy

  • This privacy policy applies to the services of NIA2MATCH. NIA2MATCH respects privacy of all members of its site and shall ensure that your personal information that you submit to NIA2MATCH will be treated confidentially. The Quran and Hadith require that potential suitors ' no darar ' (damage) may encounter in the process by which potential suitors make known the intention to have in marriage to want to act and in the process learn from each other common. For this reason, NIA2MATCH the introductory process in accordance with the Islamic rules arranged so that Members in a safe, anonymous and staged way get to know each other. This allows each Member to decide when and to whom will be shown which fasegerelateerde data. Therefore NIA2MATCH will find relevant technical and organisational measures to safely store your data and protect your privacy.



3 – Purposes

  • NIA2MATCH collects no information or used for purposes other than those described in the terms and conditions and this privacy policy unless your prior consent has been obtained. Your personal information will only be collected and processed to the desired Service in accordance with the agreement online. These include your basic information, personal profile information and identity information. These include, but not limited to, different multiple choice and open questions about your email address, gender, birth year, living in country name, province of residence, ethnic origin etc. NIA2MATCH guarantees that the information you wish to disclose itself in predefined phases in accordance with the purpose of the Website and can be accessed only in an anonymous way by NIA2MATCH Members reviewed. You decide when, to whom, what personal information will be shown in predefined phases. Confidential information, such as email address and IP number, will not be providing to third parties, unless otherwise agreed or unless obliged to do so NIA2MATCH is on the basis of a legal provision or a court judgment by a competent court. Your personal information will in no case be used for direct-marketing purposes for the benefit of or by third parties. NIA2MATCH can use your data for the purpose of sending occasional surveys, newsletters, doing deals and for internal research purposes. For internal research purposes, your data will be processed anonymously and will only be used to optimize the Service. NIA2MATCH the best possible precautions to prevent third parties from misusing your personal information.



4 – Cookie

  • A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored by the browser on the computer. NIA2MATCH uses the cookie only to recognize you during the visit of the Website You do not want cookies? You can always have your settings on your mobile, tablet or computer or choose to delete cookies. The way in which varies by browser; consult the help function of your browser. There you can also find how you can delete cookies already placed.
  • This site uses cookies from Google Analytics to analyze traffic. Information on how Google is using personal data can be found here Google’s Privacy & Terms site



5 - E-mails, private communication and messages

  • Emails, private communication and messages, which you send via the Website, during the membership securely stored on our server. NIA2MATCH reserves the right for the content of these emails, private communication and messages to see if they are in reasonable cause to believe that a member in breach of the terms and conditions. NIA2MATCH saves personal information no longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the agreed. Personal information of non completed registrations are automatically deleted and of completed notifications after unsubscribing. You may at any time terminate your membership in accordance with the terms and conditions.



6 - Contact

  • If you have any questions about the NIA2MATCH privacy statement, you can contact us via e-mail address NIA2MATCH will help you if you need information about your data or if you want to change. If a change to our privacy policy, you will find on this page the most recent information.