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Overview of frequently asked questions and answers


I filled out my profile on Nia2Match website. Can everyone see my profile?

Nia2Match protects your profile, which means that nobody can see your full profile. Only you can give permission to display your temporary profile to a candidate of your choice.




How can contact be established?

Nia2Match going for quality which means that your profile must first be verified by system. When your profile is approved by system you will automatically receive a message, and from then you can contact other candidates Nia2Match. You can then perform a search and based on anonymous list of candidates that you get to see you make contact. 




How do I know if the candidate has received my message?

Message that you send is always Nia2Match through internal system and always arrives. When sending your contact invitation after you perform a search, you'll see right below a message or your message was sent successfully. Whether you actually quickly getting reaction from the other candidate depends on how quickly the other candidate will / can respond.  




I posted my picture on my profile. How can I change my photo?


Nia2Match gives you the freedom to change your picture at any time. To change your photo, go to your personal page. Through change picture you can then upload your own photo and the system will automatically perform verification and put your photo in your profile.  




Why is my picture not approved?


Make sure you clear your picture is as in the following example with green tick is displayed. When you view system does not approve as in the examples below marked with red check mark, you get automatically notified of it in your inbox. Your photo should undergo positive verification you will have the opportunity to ask other candidates to show their profile picture.  

I filled out my profile and payment done. Why I can not have contact with other candidates on Nia2Match website?
Nia2Match is exclusively for candidates who want to marry seriously. In order to be able to provide good service to these candidates, it is important that the profiles are of a high quality. So not everyone is just accepted and only after review is completed. During period of review can only make limited use of the website services and include no contact.  
On my personal page Nia2Match do I search for other candidates. Can I have contact with all candidates Nia2Match website?
Nia2Match wants to support Muslims who want to marry, well informed and prevent abuse. You have the freedom to look for candidates of your choice. However, candidates of the same sex are not shown as well as candidates who are in contact with other candidates on the website.   
I have done one-off payment. What does it mean?
Nia2Match has no monthly or annual fee only one time payment. Here you have the freedom to choose
  1. pay-off amount which you are a member until you are married (and in the meantime no longer have to pay)
  2. payment of lump sum to the website to try out one month
I speak English. Nia2Match is also available in other languages?
Nia2Match website supports various international languages. To change language of the website you can either click on the flag icon.